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Class Descriptions

Puppy Kindergarten

A 6 week class for pups ages 10 weeks to 5 months at the start of class and their families. Socialization, manners, training and play!  The first week we will begin to explain how to use positive reinforcement training in all aspects of puppy raising. An introduction to a marker signal, how to reinforce behaviors that you like & how to manage and re-train unwanted behaviors. Classes will be part Parenting, part Training, & part Play.  The Parenting portion will cover topics like house training, mouthing/nipping, chewing, jumping, diet, socialization, stages of development & crate training.  Obedience training will include sit, down, come & leash walking.  This is a great starter class for young pups.


Basic Manners

For any dog over 5 months old who hasn’t had any basic training or graduates of Puppy K. You will learn how to use positive reinforcement & a marker signal to train your dog. This canine friendly approach is the cutting edge in training today, it’s painless, it gets results & creates a great working relationship with your dog. The first class is a 1-hour intro session for people only (no dogs), time will be given for questions & answers. The remaining weeks will focus on attention, sit, down, stand, stay, come, leash walking, leave it, settle & recall. $130 for My Dog’s Place PK grads.


Beyond Basics

 This intermediate obedience class is for those continuing to build on basic skills & looking for Canine Good Citizen training. We will strengthen stays, add distractions & distance, & work off food rewards. More leash walking work will be covered & appropriate greetings with people /dogs. A great refresher for those needing more work before moving on to an upper level class & for those looking toward the CGC Test and/or Therapy Dog classes. Prerequisite: Basic Manners class or higher.


Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen training is both fun and useful. This class will focus on training the 10 skills which make up the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. CGC training emphasizes manners and sociability instead of the technicality required for competition. Dogs will practice meeting human and canine strangers, becoming comfortable with distractions, walking nicely around human and canine distractions, as well as traditional sit, down, stay and come. Prerequisite: Basic Manners class or higher. 6 weeks 1 hour sessions.


Focused Fido

Is your dog over reactive toward other dogs while on leash?  Do you dread, or worse skip daily walks because your dog is lunging, pulling or barking at things while on leash?  Focused Fido is the class for you!  This class was designed specifically for these kinds of dogs.  We have created a visually limiiting safe environment to teach our dogs alternative behaviors.  Using positive reinforcement, this class will include techniques like focus/attention, leave it, touch/targeting, find it and impulse control.  Class size is limited and a private consultation with instructor Jennifer Saindon is required prior to class enrollment. 6 weeks 1 hour sessions.


Scenting with a Purpose

Introductory Air Scenting:  This fun class will teach you how to give your dog's sniffing a purpose.  In this class the dogs will learn to match the scent given and "indicate" when they have found that scent.  The "indication" is the most important part of scent work.   Once we have a strong indication then we will start to build search behaviors. No previous training required.  Any dog, any age is welcome.

Intermediate Air Scenting:  For dogs who have completed Intro to Air Scenting or repeating Intermediate Air Scenting.  We will build on the basic skills by learning how to read our dogs body language and cues to know when they are "in" scent.  By continuing to increase the search area and search targets the dogs and handlers will learn to trust each other.

Introductory Tracking:  An introduction to the basics of teaching our dogs to follow a given scent on the ground,  Handlers will learn how to read their dogs body language, how to lay a track, read terrain and appropriate equipment.  For all introductory levels - No previous training required.  Any dog, any age is welcome.


Leave it

The "leave it" command is used to prevent your dog from picking things up. It allows you to tell your dog not to touch the things that you don't want him to have, like a child's toy or a dirty tissue or any one of the hundreds of things he may try to pick up or chew. We will go through step by step training to have a reliable “Leave it” cue. This class is open to any age dog & experience level.


Therapy Dog

This upper level obedience class is geared toward Therapy dog training as well as any dog/handler team looking for that level of training. Exercises with your dog to include properly greeting people and other dogs, distance sit-down-stays, accepting grooming and crowded petting, leash walking through crowds, exposure to loud noises and health care equipment as well as other skills. For those people looking ahead to Therapy work with their dogs this is a great primer for the Delta Society Pet Partners Program or TDI testing. Previous training to the Intermediate level & positive reinforcement methods is required. Teams new to MDP must be evaluated prior to admittance.


Holiday Manners 

This 3 week class will focus on specific skills to help throughout the holidays. We will cover appropriate greetings of guests as they enter the home. Table manners, how to behave during meals or parties. Holiday safety and ways to keep our pups entertained. Prerequisite Puppy Kindergarten OR Basic Manners


Out & About

You've taken a Beyond Basics class, and wonder what to do next.  Or maybe you're in a Companion & Therapy class working toward evaluation. Here  is you opportunity to "take it on the road!"  We'l be going outside to work through real life distractions.  Each sessionwe'll put to practical application all those practical skills you and your dog havebeen practicing at home and in class.   We will learn to work throughstress and how to recognize stress in our dogs as well as refining skills such as walking on a loose leash, sit, down, attention, come/recall, and greeting strangers.


Canine Watersports

Foundations:  For dogs that are interested in water but aren't swimming on their own.  Building a confident, coperative water companion is the goal ofthis class.  Dogs and handlers learn to swim safely as a team. Prequisite: basic obeidence

Beginner:  For confident canine swimmers and beginner retrievers.  Safety and control around and in the water is the goal of this class.  Basic retrieve, towing and delivery behaviors both on land and in the water will be covered.

Intermediate:  For confident canine retrievers and able swimmers.  The focus is on retrieve variations (distance & directional) Additional topics:  delivery tasks, tow work and directed swimming.


Agility with Kristie

Foundation level: activities will focus on skills, drive, motivation, focus, targeting, and creating a positive agility experience.  

Basic level: A continuation of team handling skills &  Agility equipment, simple sequences - prerequisite Foundations Agility with Kristie.

Intermediate level: will focus on improving obstacle confidence, teamwork & handler skills- prerequisite Basic or with instructors permission.

Advanced level: longer sequences & greater ability dogs to perform obstacles independently, prerequisite Intermediate level or with Instructors permissiion.



A great doggie sport that can be played for fun or competition. The dog runs and jumps over four hurdles on their way to retrieve a tennis ball from a spring loaded box while racing another dog in the next lane.  It's like doggie drag racing!   Size doesn’t matter, just drive for a ball.  Lots of fun and great exercise too.


Agility for  fun and confidence

Agility is currently the most popular K9 activity around.  Come learn A-Frame, Dog Walk, Tunnels, Teeter & Jumps with us.  Agility is fun for you & your dog, builds confidence, great exercise & helps create a working relationship with your dog.


Introductory level is open to dogs over 6 months that have been through a Basic Manners class at MDP  or equivalent.

Learn to negotiate all the obstacles correctly & safely.


Agility II: focuses on building more confidence with obstacles & handler skills. Prerequisite Introductory Agility. Repeat as needed.


Agility III: Dogs are doing all obstacles independently& working off leash, focuses on running sequences. Prequisite Agility II