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The Seaside Sprinters Flyball Team

The Seaside Sprinters team continues to grow and add new members! 

Congratulations to the Seaside Sprinters Fyball Club!!  This new club began competing with their first team, The Salty Dogs, in May '06 and ten months later they took their second team, The Wave Runners, to the club's sixth tournament in March of 2007. In 2011 a Veteran team was added, The Beach Comers. The Coastal Clippers was added in 2012 to accommodate our safe dogs and to make room for our new team members. Not only did the "new" dogs do a great job but several titles were earned in the process! Since then Seaside Sprinters have been to many more tournaments in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maine. Our dogs have earned many new titles and the team has run its fastest time ever of  20.660 seconds in the spring of 2013.  

Flyball is run as a relay with four dogs on a team, running side by side against another team.  Each dog must jump over four hurdles, retrieve a ball from a spring loaded box, and return carrying the ball over the hurdles.  The first team to complete the race without mistakes, wins the heat.  Flyball is an exhilarating sport combining  team work, speed, running, jumping and lots of tennis balls.  This is a sport in which all dogs can participate;  it makes no difference if your canine is a purebred or a mix, large or small, dogs of all shapes and sizes and even those a little older can play the game. 

The Seaside Sprinters practice weekly at My Dog's Place in Mystic, CT.  The practice is led by the team captain Bea DeGruttola-Nielsen, who has been involved in flyball for over eight years. The following are members of the team: 

 Bea DeGruttola-Nielsen and her Border Collie mix "Power Pup" with 3958 points - FDCH-G and a Labrador mix "Troy" with 6004 points - FM

 Sheri Throop and her Standard Poodle "Lucy"  with 5233 points - FM and her Cocker Spaniel "Reuben" with 166 points - FDX

 Marge Lineweber and her Irish Setter "Derby"  with 10,866 points - FMX, an English Setter "Summit"  with 67 points - FD and "Noodle" a Pointer Mix with 1439 - FDCH -S.

Bill Loftus and his Australian Shepherd "Champ" with  points 10,065- FMX

Kari Daniels and her Labrador Retriever "Potter" with 7105 points - FM

Mary Crist and her Field Spaniel "Harrah" with 855 points - FDCH and Dean Crist with his Clumber Spaniel "Smokey" with 18 points.

Steve & Beth Kanyock and their Australian Kelpie "Addie" with 5011 points - FM

Colleen Feeney and her Terrier Mix "Abban" with 5113 points - FM.

Trucy Paquin and her American Water Spaniel "Zumba" with 166 points - FDX and her Flat Coated Retriever "Shazam" with 234 points - FDX.

Carolyn Ewers and her Terrier mix "Butters" with 1151 points - FDCH -S.

Gary & Susan Myers with their Labrador Retriever "Cody" with 11 points.

Christine Vezina with her Siberian Husky "Ember" with 148 points - FDX

Julie Cianfrogna and her Labrador Retriever "Henley" with 205 points - FDX

Eveyln & Larry Pontbriant and their Cockapoo "Maggie" with 119 points - FDX

Julianne Grove with her Chihuahua mix "Pirate" with 1 point.

Tracy Brown with her Mini Long Hair Dachshund "Reese" with 8 points.

Our Box Loaders - Kim Daoust, Amanda Throop, Julianne Grove, Tracy Brown and Jamie Ravenelle.

Ball Chasers - Joshua Throop, Carl Russak, Wendy Ravenelle and Jared Nielsen. 

Bea DeGruttola-Nielsen and her English Springer Spaniel "Molly-Dog" (passed)  with 1386 points, FDCH-S


Inactive members:


Katie Jordan and "Tiki" with 5225 points - FM,  "Scout" with 869 points - FDCH, "Addie" with 8646 points - FM, and  "Chase" 574 points - FDCH


Lori & Rich Reynolds and "Patriot" with 878 points - FDCH, "Spirit" with 467 points - FDX


Kim Daoust and "Hershey" with 130 points - FDX


Gina Macaione and "Jasmine" with 3372 points - FDCH-G

Megan Roche and her Old English Sheepdog "Oliver" with 122 points - FDX

Joseph & Elizabeth Cefaratti and their Labrador Retriever "Cassie" with 590 points - FDCH


Jennifer Pictou and her Standard Schnauzer "Rosco" with 320 points - FDX

Michelle Ouellette and her Australian Shepherd "Fenwick" with 555 points - FDCH

Heather Inglis and her mix "Comet" with 4611 points - FDCH-G

Barbara Costas and her Labrador Retriever "Casey" with 4663 points - FDCH-G and Labrador Retriever "Wyatt" with 35 points - FD.

Abbreviations indicate Flyball titles FDFlyball Dog,  FDX = Flyball Dog Excellent, and FDCH = Flyball Dog Champion, S- silver, G - gold , FM = Flyball MasterThe dogs earn points towards a title when, as a team, they run the race under a specific time. If the race is completed in less than 32 seconds each dog earns 1 point, less than 28 seconds: 5 points, and less than 24 seconds: 25 points. Titles are awarded based on the number of points a dog has received. More information can be found on or

If you are interested in taking a flyball class, Bea teaches a beginners and intermediate level course.  Please contact My Dog's Place for more information.

More pictures from our recent tournament coming soon!





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