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Day School
The purpose of the day school is to offer safe, fun and stimulating socialization for dogs and to compliment the work you are doing at home to make your dog an attentive and reliable pet.

This environment not only provides needed physical exercise for your dog, but also enhances the mental and emotional life of the dog. The dog-to-dog play provides time for the dog to BE a dog. The interaction with our trained staff provides the leadership and consistency the dog needs in order to learn to have self-control even in the height of play.

We love dogs, we are trained to understand them and we want both you and your dog to benefit from our professional care.

After receiving your completed application and pet personality profile, we will schedule a time when both you and your dog can come to visit us for an interview. During this interview, we will do a “dog test” where your dog will be gradually introduced to a selected group of our current daycare participants. This process will help us get to know your dog and their social skills with other dogs. Once we are sure that your dog will enjoy  and is appropriate for daycare we will work with you to schedule a regular day or days for attendance to daycare.

Our adult dog daycare is not able to accommodate only temporary, occasional or drop in visits.

About The Day School
Day School is a place where, like a child’s kindergarten, your dog is dropped off for the day and is provided with a rich environment that strengthens social interaction skills and basic knowledge.

There is a play area where dogs can socialize with each other and play the games dogs play, like wrestling and “chase me.” The play area is always supervised so that any squabbles or too-rough play is thwarted by the “pack leader” before it can be an issue.

During play time, the staff reinforces the dogs ability to respond individually and as a group to commands, especially “come.” This is necessary for control, but has the added benefit of being useful to you in many other situations. We use positive reinforcement methods ( human attention and the opportunity to go play again).

Once all the dogs scheduled for that day have arrived, by 9 am, then all the dogs have free play all day. Around mid-day some dogs are crated for a rest time, our newer, adolescent and rowdy dogs often benefit from a short mental and physical rest. These dogs are crated individually and given a small amount of their own food for a snack ( if so desired by their owner). Dogs in any play session who are getting too rough, too wild, overtired, or not responding to our commands may be given a time out (short rest in a crate) or segregated into smaller play groups by our staff.

All dogs must be interviewed prior to attending Day School. This is not because we are an exclusive club! However, we do have to make sure that your dog is ready and able to socialize and is unlikely to react aggressively to dogs or people. As the dog’s “mouthpiece” and legal guardian, all owners are also interviewed.

Age: All dogs must be at least 5 months old for our adult day school.

If your dog is younger than 5 months, please see our information below regarding our Puppy Daycare.

Sex: All dogs attending daycare must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.

Vaccinations:  Written proof of current Rabies vaccination is required to be submitted with the application. Owners must also provide either proof of current Distemper combo vaccination or current Distemper /Parvo titer. Either Kennel Cough (Bordatella) vaccination or a signed waiver must be kept on file.

Health: Only healthy dogs can come to school. Owners who observe signs of illness are to keep the dog home until the situation is clarified. This includes dogs who may be limping or lame, have sutures or staples, be coughing, sneezing, having diarrhea or any other possibly contagious symptoms. Owners of dogs who appear ill at school will be called and sent home. Dogs will be segregated until owners can pick up or taken to the veterinarian if needed.

Behavior: All dogs must be non-aggressive to both people and dogs as judged by the interview questions asked by our trained staff. All dogs must demonstrate proficiency in basic attention and obedience with their owner or be enrolled in a basic course. This is for the safety of the dogs and for the enhancement of the dog-owner bond, as we are promoting and supporting the WHOLE dog.

Application/Interview: All dogs and owners must be interviewed. There is a $10 interview fee which is put towards day school fees if accepted and towards training if not accepted but training is desired. All dogs must have a current application and contract on file. The interview fee is not refundable unless applied to training classes or Day School.


Adult Daycare fees as follows: : As of July 1, 2011 these fees include 6.35% CT sales tax.           


You must pre-buy passes for attendance - MDP does not carry accounts


For 1 dog - normal attendance is: 

1 day per week - 1 day pass  $26 - 4 day pass  $102 - 8 day pass $200

2 days per week - 2 day pass $48 - 4 day pass $94 -  8 day pass $186                         

3 days per week -  3 day pass  $72 -  6 day pass  $140 - 12 day pass $278     

4 days per week -  4 day pass  $90 - 8 day pass  $176  - 16 day pass $350                  

5 days per week - 5 day pass $107- 10 day pass $210 - 20 day pass $418   


For 2 dogs from the same family - normal attendance is: 

1 day per week for 2 dogs -  1 day pass  $49 -  2 day pass  $96  -  4 day pass $190         

 2 days per week for 2 dogs -  2 day pass  $92 -  4 day pass  $180 -  8 day pass $360

 3 days per week for 2 dogs - 3 day pass  $128  -  6 day pass $248 - 12 day pass $490                                                                                   

For multi dog households combine weekly dogs visits together to calculate rate. All fees are due prior to attendance or paid at drop-off time. We can not carry balances, statements will not be issued.

Days and Hours: Day School is open Mon -Fri (no weekend daycare). Our Mystic location opens at 6:30 am, our Niantic location opens at 7:00 am. At both locations the play floor closes at 5:30 pm, but we are open for pick up until 6:00 pm (this means that dogs may be crated at 5:30 pm so we can prepare the floor for evening classes).

Late Pickup Fees: You MUST pick up your dog by 6:00 pm. A $10 late fee will be charged after 6:00 pm, our daycare staff is off duty at 6:00 pm. If we have not received a call, before 6:00 pm, to let us know you will be late, your dog will be crated inside our facility. A contact phone number will be posted to arrange pick up at a later time.

Reservations are required. Our daycare is designed to accommodate dogs attending on a regular basis and attending the same regular day(s) each week. Some dogs come just 1 day per week but many enjoy 2-3 days per week. Cancellations are required, at least, by the end of business day prior to your dog’s regularly scheduled day. More notice is appreciated so that requests for extra days may be accommodated. There will be a $20 charge for regularly scheduled days not canceled 24 hours in advance.

Please be aware our adult dog daycare is not able to accommodate only temporary, occasional or drop in visits.

Training Method: We use positive reinforcement methods at the Day School and in training classes. This means we use food, toys, attention and access to play to control and shape the dog’s behavior. We reward desirable behavior and redirect or manage undesirable behavior. Citronella bark collars and Gentle Leaders may be used on the daycare floor to reduce/prevent barking in some dogs. My Dog’s Place does not use or allow the use of choke or pinch collars in our facility for any reason.

PUPPY DAYCARE service available at our Mystic location only. We must have met your pup recently through a social or class. If we do not know your pup, we must set up a meeting prior to your pups first day.

For pups 10 weeks to 5 months   Monday - Friday  6:30 am to 6:00 pm

Benefits of puppy daycare : Provides an energy outlet for your young pup. 

Develops positive social skills with people and dogs.  Simple manners reinforcement includes sit and wait at the door. 

Separate play and bathroom area from adult dogs.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and we must know your pup prior to his first visit.

Puppy Daycare Pass: 1 day pass - $32,  2 day pass - $60,  3 day pass - $88,  4 day pass - $112, 5 day pass (all one week only) - $125. 

 These fees include 6.35% CT sales tax as of July 1, 2011. The Puppy Daycare passes do not need to be used within the same week (except 5 day pass)

For Your Information
Accidents & Injuries: When dogs play together things can get rough even though no aggression may be involved; dogs are strong. Even dogs who know each other can have disagreements. While our staff will do everything possible to avoid problems, it is not unlikely that your dog could experience the following as a result of being here: torn and detached toe nails, minor cuts, punctures, scrapes and teeth marks, tooth loss, injured legs, tendons, joints, neck problems etc. Beyond this, it is unlikely, but possible, that your dog could suffer serious injury from a dog fight. There is also a slight possibility that your dog could escape from our care. You will be required to sign a waiver that states that these issues were discussed and you give the staff permission to treat minor injuries. By signing the waiver you are indicating that you understand the inherent risks of your dog attending daycare, accept the possibility of loss or injury to your dog and that you believe that the Day School, it’s policies and staff are sufficiently competent enough to entrust your dog to and are not to be held responsible.

Parasites and Viruses: Dogs with an obvious illness or fleas will not be admitted. However bacteria, viruses and fleas are not always so obvious. It is possible that your dog could pick up a bacteria, virus, parasite or flea while playing with other dogs at day school. The staff will inform owners if any known viruses, parasites or fleas have been noticed at the day school so that owners may take precautionary measures. By signing the waiver, you are indicating that you understand the inherent risks of your dog attending daycare, accept responsibility and hold My Dog’s Place harmless should your dog get a virus, parasite or fleas.

Safety: My Dog’s Place takes the following precautions against escape and injury:


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