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Travel Tips
With summer right around the corner here are a few ideas to make traveling with your canine companion safer and easier.

First plan ahead! Some dogs are stressed by changes in their routine. These pets may be better off staying at home with a pet sitter, at a friend’s house, or at your favorite kennel. Dealing with an anxious dog can take the fun out of your vacation.

If you have decided to take Fido with you:

  • Call ahead and make sure your hotel allows pets. Visit to find books on traveling with your dog.
  • Traveling with a crate trained dog is generally much easier and safer. Hotels and B & B’s may be more willing to accommodate a crate trained dog. Do not try to crate a dog that is not accustomed to it.
  • Most hotels that allow dogs require that they not be left alone in the room. This means you need to plan your daily travels to accommodate your pet. If it is warm, they cannot be left in a parked car. It takes only minutes for the inside of a car to heat up and for your pet to overheat and die.
  • Some large attractions have day kenneling available. Some local kennels and doggy daycares may be able to do “day boarding”. Never leave your pet if they are not willing to answer all your questions and let you view the facility.
  • If your pet is on a special diet take enough food to last the trip. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, you may want to take water from home or use bottled water.
  • Clean up after your pet!
  • Take several copies of current vaccinations. Note: a rabies tag can be lost or transferred and is not absolute proof of vaccination – your certificate is
  • All dogs should be either micro-chipped or tattooed for identification. Tags/collars can be lost. Ask your vet for more info about these permanent forms of ID.
  • Have a current picture with you in case your pet is lost
  • Pack a doggy first aide kit in case of emergencies

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