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Itís spring!!!!
Some things to remember
We are all very happy that spring is here, keep in mind these important points about your pet.
  • Tick season begins with the first warm day, protect your dog and cat with monthly preventives. There are many choice available now, be sure to use the most appropriate product and dosage for your pet.
  • Fleas usually arrive a bit later in the season, but consider your pets possible exposure. Many tick preventatives also protect against fleas.
  • Spring is the time of year to start up Heartworm preventative.  The heartworm is a worm that is passed by mosquitoes from host to host (your dog or cat) and lives in the right side of the heart and pulmonary arteries. Have your dog tested yearly before giving the preventive to because treating an infected dog is dangerous.
  • Dog license renewals are due in June. All dogs 6 months and over must be licensed with the town you live in. Spayed and neutered dogs generally cost less to license. Proof of current rabies certificate is required.
  • Your money is hard at work - A dollar or two from each dog license goes to state animal control and the remainder is for the town to disperse. Most towns depend on this money to support the town animal control officers and the town pound or shelter.

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