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Responsible Dog Ownership
For your dog to be a welcome member of your family and community he needs to have a responsible owner. Remember you are responsible for the care of this pet for the duration of its life and are responsible for everything your pet does.

Selecting the right type or breed of dog for your lifestyle is an important place to start. Do you have enough time, energy and finances to give your dog the skills he needs to be a well adjusted part of the community?

Create a safe environment for your dog at home. Teach your dog how to properly greet visitors and not to dart through open doorways, provide plenty of supervision and a safe fenced yard for exercise and keep young or destructive dogs in a crate when home alone.

Take the time to socialize and train your dog about how to behave properly around people and other dogs. Basic obedience classes can teach them to obey and to be comfortable in many everyday situations.

Keep your dog on leash at all times in public. Even a friendly well trained dog can make a mistake putting himself or others in danger. Do not allow your dog to greet people or other dogs unless specifically invited.

When in public always pick up your dogs solid waste. Not doing so is the primary reason that dogs are not allowed in many public places. Also be careful where you allow your dog to urinate, on vehicles, gardens, buildings is rude behavior only controllable by you, the owner.

Proper identification is extremely important. Microchips, tattoos, Rabies tags, town tags and name tags with contact numbers will help get your dog home in case of emergency.

All dogs bark some, but excessive barking becomes a real nuisance to the community. Be responsible, understand what makes your dog bark and take steps to control the problem.

Spay or neuter any dog not part of a responsible breeding program. It prevents pet overpopulation, cancer and other diseases, discourages roaming and fighting, reduces marking and makes pets calmer, more content. It does NOT make your dog fat, diet and exercise determines weight.

Owning a dog has immeasurable rewards, but it does come with responsibility. Much of being a responsible pet owner is understanding your pet's needs and being aware of your responsibilities to the community.

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