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Proper Exercise
Providing proper exercise for your dog is a very important. Dog’s, being pack animals, need consistent social and physical outlets. Fulfilling these needs throughout your dog’s life, not just when a pup, makes for an all around happier, healthier canine companion. We often only think of physical exercise, but mental exercise is just as meaningful. If you have been doing the same activities year after year, maybe adding a few new forms of stimulation would enrich your best friends life.

Physical exercise with your dog can be as simple as walking, hiking, playing fetch, swimming or tossing a Frisbee. Having strong basic obedience like come, stay, sit and loose leash walking helps make these activities more enjoyable. So be sure to practice and reinforce basic commands with praise or maybe a treat as part of your normal routine. Safety is very important when going out with your dog. Remember general first aid knowledge, current tags on safe collar or harness and emergency contact numbers are essential.

For more structured exercise try an exciting doggie sport like Agility, Flyball, Water Sports, Field trials, Hunting, Earth Dog work, Lure Coursing or Freestyle. These sports, although requiring specific training, are extremely rewarding and aid in confidence building for both canine and human partners. Before you begin any new activity keep in mind your dog’s age, weight, breed characteristics and overall body conditioning. Always introduce new exercises slowly and adjust them accordingly to fit both of your abilities. No matter what your lifestyle, there is definitely some form of physical exercise that is sure to fit.

Mental stimulation can vary from doing simple tricks and playing games in the house to going out for trip around town. From young to old and big to small any dog can benefit from learning cute tricks including wave, play dead, take a bow, backup, sit pretty, chase your tail and high five. Doggie tricks are lots of fun to show off to your friends, “see how smart my dog is”. Playing stimulating games is easy to do and helps to keeps the dog’s mind strong. Engaging games like hide and seek, find the cookie, put your toys away, get the paper are all great behaviors. The key to learning new tricks and games is to make it fun and keep the training sessions short and successful.

Another form of mental stimulation is social exposure; dogs enjoy visiting new places and meeting new friends just like people. So make a point of taking your dog with you on car rides and let them explore life right along with you. This kind of social exposure does mean that you need to keep obedience training sharp so that your dog is well behaved and accepted out in public. The more you practice the better your dog will get.

All activity, mental, physical and social enriches your dog’s life and strengthens the human/canine bond. Just like any good friendship you get back as much as you put in.

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