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Grooming Tip
All pets require some grooming assistance from their care takers. Dogís and catís often require the most attention but birds, ferrets and other small animals also need care.
  • Bathing - Use a shampoo specifically for pets. Rinse well to prevent skin irritation. Donít bathe to frequently - over bathing strips their coat of important oils. Monthly baths are usually sufficient. Your pets skin is very sensitive to heat, remember this when adjusting water and blow drying temperatures.
  • Brushing - More frequent brushing for long coated breeds reduces mats and undercoat therefore making them more comfortable. Petís with short coats still benefit from routine brushing. Be sure to pick the right comb or brush for your petís coat.
  • Nails - Check nails weekly and trim more often rather than waiting for nails to get too long. Start conditioning your puppy to accept nail trimming early. Always good to keep styptic powder on hand to stop bleeding in case of nicking the quick.
  • Ears - Check pets ears weekly. Look for changes in appearance, discharge, odor and scratches or abrasions. For dogís who swim use an ear drying solution after trips in the water. Dogís with excess hair around or in the ear can benefit from trimming or plucking.
Many types of pet rodents require teeth trimming, see your veterinarian to learn how.

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