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Giving Pets as Gifts
Things to consider when thinking about giving a pet as a gift.
  • Does the recipient truly want a pet or are you choosing for them?
    Responsible pet ownership is a planned commitment. This decision should never be made spur of the moment or because of an emotional knee jerk reaction.
  • Can they afford the daily expenses of new pet?
    The cost of these daily expenses can add up consider food, toys, bedding, crates, leashes, collars and any other supply needs.
  • Does the gift recipient have the time needed to care for the pet?
    All pets require some time devoted to them for their daily activity, also consider if the new owner travels and how that will be handled.
  • Is the recipient physically able to keep up with the activity level of the new pet?
    Dogs especially, require high levels of activity, the owner must be willing and able to provide enough activity.
  • Have you considered what would happen to the pet if there is a serious illness or death of the owner?
    It can be difficult to rehome an adult dog if no one in the family is willing to take the dog.
  • Does the new pet require grooming?
    This can be expensive to have done by a professional and some breeds require monthly visits. The owner must be willing to make this commitment or do the grooming himself.
  • Is the recipient financially able to provide proper veterinary care?
    Take into consideration the cost annual visits as well as any emergency needs.