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Thoughts About Electric Fencing
While it seems like a quick and easy way to keep your pet from roaming, there are some down sides to electric fence systems. Some possibilities to think about:
  • Electric fence does not protect your pet from the outside world. Unfriendly dogs, rabid animals and unwanted humans may still enter yard.
  • Any containment system can cause barrier syndrome. Invisible fence can often lead to frustration at seeing and not being able to get to.
  • Some dogs learn that after a quick painful burst, there is freedom on the other side which is worth taking the shock for.
  • Dogs that do get through an electric fence system are often more reluctant to return to the scene of discomfort and may therefore be more difficult to get back into the yard.
  • Other frequencies can set off the collars. Never travel outside of your perimeter with an electric fence collar on to prevent unwanted zaps.
Whenever possible, a physical fence is the safest way to contain your pet. Privacy fencing which provides a visual barrier is by far the best choice for safety, containment, exercise and contentment for you and your dog.

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