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Dog Bite Prevention
These guidelines are very important for everyone to be familiar with, especially children and even non-dog owners. Parents should take time to educate their children about dog safety. To reduce your risk of being bitten by a dog:
  • Always ask an owners permission before petting or approaching a dog
  • Never approach a stray or unknown dog
  • Donít pet a dog thatís tied out, behind a fence, in a car, eating, sleeping or has a toy or a bone
  • Be calm and gentle with dogs, donít tease, play rough with, poke at, pull a dogs ears or tail
  • Keep your face away from a dogs face, donít try to kiss them
  • Never stare directly at a dog, this makes them very uncomfortable
  • Donít try to pick up or pet a dog that seems sick or injured
  • Donít ride bikes near or run around closely to dogs, this may invoke their desire to chase
To reduce the risk of your dog biting someone:
  • Treat your dog with kindness and respect
  • Train and socialize your dog in a positive manner
  • Keep up training and socialization throughout your dogs life
  • Never let dog roam or leave him unattended outside the house
  • Have dog spayed or neutered at a young age
  • Be your dogs advocate, donít put him in uncomfortable situations that may cause pain or fear
  • Never leave your dog unsupervised with children (even your own children)
  • Dogs can bite from pain or discomfort caused by illness or disease, visit your veterinarian regularly for check ups as well as if anything seems abnormal
  • Seek professional help if your dog shows aggression or fear towards anyone

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