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Dogs at the Beach
  • Keep dogs under your direct control, donít allow them to infringe on other beachgoers space.
  • Be courteous, donít allow your dog to shake or splash water on, or kick sand while near other people.
  • Potty your dogs before entering community areas, donít allow dogs to urinate or defecate on beaches or grassy areas where children play.
  • Be considerate of your dog - make sure they enjoy their time at the beach, provide plenty of shade and fresh cool water. Some dogs with thick or double coats donít enjoy beach outings.
  • Watch for signs of overheating and fatigue in your dog, symptoms may include excessive panting, drooling, enlarged hanging tongue, pale gums and general lethargy.
  • Remember dogs can get sunburned, those with short or light colored coats are most at risk. Keep their exposure time short and take plenty of breaks in the shade.
  • Teach your dog to wait for permission before entering the water, this will help keep them safe and under control.
  • Consider a doggie life vest for those dogs just learning to swim, for older dogs and for overly energetic dogs who may swim out to far.
Enjoy the beach with your dog!

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