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About Us
Marge Lineweber - Owner / Manager / Instructor

Marge Lineweber’s life has since childhood been filled with animals. She was raised with an assortment of animals from reptiles, rabbits, sheep and horses to dogs and cats. Marge’s love and respect for animals first lead her to work at a veterinary practice where she served as a veterinary technician for over 5 years. Then Marge’s passion for dog training was realized when her Gordon Setter “Java” helped her find positive reinforcement training. While fulfilling Java’s love for socializing through doggie daycare at  My Dog’s Place Marge began to learn that dog training without force was possible, and the world of positive reinforcement training opened up to her and Java. Marge began to soak up all she could about positive training by reading books, taking classes, attending seminars and apprenticing with established trainers. She does believe that the greatest teachers of all have been her dogs, “they tell us everything we need to know about training, we just need to listen”.

Marge now shares her life with Summit an English Setter, Ares an Australian Shepherd, Fyssher an Irish Red and White Setter, Derby a Red Irish Setter,  River an Australian Shepherd and Noodle a Pointer Mix. Together they enjoy Agility, Water Sports, Frisbee, Flyball, Pet Therapy, Rally Obedience, Scent and Search work but most of all just the pleasure of each others company. Dogs of the past include Java, a Gordon Setter, who was instrumental in bringing Marge to dog training and changing the course of her life, he is greatly missed and lovingly remembered every day.

Today, Marge owns and manages My Dog’s Place. She is very closely involved in the day to day activities of the business, conducting daycare interviews, training and supervising staff, setting class schedules and curriculums and handling client communications. As one of the facilities instructors Marge enjoys all aspects of positive reward training with dogs, she teaches Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners, Beyond Basics, Canine Good Citizen, Retrieving, Scent work, Thinking Dog, Basic Frisbee Skills and Canine Water Sports.

Marge is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, an AKC approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a founding member of Canine Water Sports as well as a Canine Water Sports Judge.


Summit & Fyssher earn their APDT Level I Rally Obedience titles   *** Noodle heading out for a retrieve ***


Java looking regal    ***   Derby gets his Canine Good Citizen Title ***  Noodle and River pass their two dog team swim!

The Trainers

Beatrice DeGruttola  - Instructor

Otherwise known as Bea, instructor and owner of her own company, "I Am Dog", has been rescuing, teaching and rehabilitating dogs since 1998. Her work with dog aggression, socialization and other severe behavioral issues has helped to save hundreds of dogs over the years. Employed at various times by the four states, Bea began as a Canine Rescue Specialist and progressed to teaching where she felt she could be more effective in reaching people and saving more dogs. Her talent for teaching is evidence by her ability to modify a curriculum to best suit a client's needs. Her goal: to develop the best possible relationship between owner and dog through the understanding of canine behavior.

An Instructor for My Dog's Place since 2003, Bea teaches a variety of classes including Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners, Beyond Basics, Leash Walking, Out & About, training and preparation for Canine Therapy work and three levels of Agility for Fun & Confidence building. She also provides Private Behavioral Consultations, Drop in Socials for My Dog's Place clients and is Captain of the My Dog's Place Flyball Team, "Seaside Sprinters".

Pictured above is Bea with her Akita, Megan and her Malamute mix, Ramses who have since passed on. Bea resides in Massachusetts with her many beloved rescue dogs.

Michael Bane, CPDT - Instructor

Michael Bane’s training style focuses on understanding canine behavior, communication and aggression. Michael spent several years as an assistant instructor and currently teaches a full range of classes. He has been involved in teaching companion obedience, CGC, companion agility, Rally Obedience and Delta therapy dog training. His background also includes wildlife rehabilitation and Mastiff rescue. 

As an instructor for My Dog's Place Michael has been educating clients and their dogs since 2005. He is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT). Michael’s passion lies with the giant breeds, especially Mastiffs.

Michael has six big dogs.  Davenport (Saint Bernard, short hair), Angus, Zocuph, Zaphod, Zypherius and Zyphilly all English Mastiffs. Dogs of the past: Zandolph (English Mastiff), Ziphner (English Mastiff – Zandoph’s brother, who had the uncommon long hair recessive gene), Zephren (English Mastiff), and Sebastian (Davenport's brother).


Kristie Foss - Instructor


Instructor Kristie Foss has owned and trained her own dogs for 23 years, and has been teaching at My Dog’s Place since 2002. Currently, she is owned by two Australian Shepherds, Kemu and Kiri. She is a proponent of positive training techniques, and uses clickers for both training and modifying behaviors. Her training interests include tricks, obedience, agility, and general manners.  Dogs of the past: Beloved Kobi & Teka. Kobi pictured above often visited classrooms demonstrating obedience and tricks, she accumulated many agility titles and was a Canine Good Citizen.

Kristie also has experience and special interest regarding dogs with behavior problems, and has attended numerous training seminars and workshops on related topics. Her dog Teka taught Kristie the importance of patience and persistence.


Linda Caplan - Instructor

Linda Caplan, owner of Freedom Hills Weimaraners and Dog Training, has been a part of the dog fancy since 1976 when she entered her first obedience competition.  She currently shares her life with four Weimaraners and is very active in the breed ring showing her own, and clients dogs.  Linda has been teaching with My Dog’s Place since 2006.

Linda's accomplishments include titles in obedience, breed, hunting, Top 10 status for obedience and show, Breed Register of Merits and a Dog World Award. Linda and her dogs have participated in pet therapy, TV commercials and public demonstrations. 

In 1991, she received an honorable mention from the Dog Writers Association of America for the Motivational Agility Training Video co-produced with Suzanne Clothier. She founded Canine Companions Dog Training Center in Colchester, VT and fulfilled the role of training director for 16 years. Today, the center is still in operation.

Linda has trained thousands of dogs.  She has worked with puppies, adolescents and adult dogs and has taught classes and privates in basic and advanced manners, competition obedience, breed handling , Canine Good Citizen, pre-agility and beginner agility. She has also trained several dogs to aide the physically challenged; including an epilepsy alert dog. 

Linda is a member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Brian Quagliaroli - Instructor / Assistant Manager

Brian has been involved with My Dog's Place for more than 10 years. Starting as a client with a rescue saint named Spencer, who was in need of help acclimating to the world around him; and the interest to understand positive training methods and training techniques; Brian progressed to his current position of Assistant Manager of My Dog’s Place.  

Brian owns his own company “For the Love of Dogs”; which is currently subcontracted to instruct at MDP. He teaches Puppy Class, Basic Manners, and Beyond Basics classes. In his free time Brian has been committed to rescuing and working to improve the Saint Bernard breed. Through careful breeding practices Brian has helped to breed better lines of Saints whom he shows and titles in the Conformation and Obedience ring. To date, with his handling expertise, all of his adult Saints are current AKC Champions or Grand Champions. 


Brian is currently owned by 6 Saint Bernard’s and a Great Dane; Argus, Teagan, Sookie, Zenyatta, Dagney, Atreyu and Shamus the Dane.

Argus is an AKC Champion, has his Rally Novice title and his CGC and is a TDI therapy dog. Teagan is an AKC Grand Champion, a “mom” and has her CGC also. Sookie is an AKC Champion, has her Rally Novice and is a “mom” as well. Zenyatta is an AKC Grand Champion and also has her CGC and is a TDI therapy dog and thinking about motherhood. Dagney is an AKC Champion and is working on rally work and her CGC as well; Atreyu is currently major pointed and working on finishing his title and his CGC; Shamus has his CGC and is getting his ILP number so he can compete in other AKC sports.